RULES We want Mafia Mystery to be fun and exciting for everyone who plays, some actions however, ruin the game for other players and must be stopped. It is with this idea in mind that we created these guidelines. Multiple Accounts Users are not allowed to use two accounts in a game. This would give them an unfair advantage against other players. Game Throwing Play your role correctly, with your team. Don't sway the game in the wrong direction on purpose. Simply lying about your role, or “revealing” other roles is not against the rules. However, doing those things with the intent to purposefully lose the game for your team is against the rules. As a Mafia, revealing yourself and fellow Mafia members can result in a permanent ban. Killing your own team members is also considered game throwing. Cheating ● Don't reveal your role or any information to another player outside the Mafia Mystery app. ● Don't join or create games just for the purpose of gaining coins. ● Don’t exploit a bug for your own gain. ● Don’t use your status to communicate information or leads. This goes for spectators as well. Inappropriate Behavior ● Don't spam the chat. This includes sending the same message multiple times. ● Don’t intentionally bypass the filter. It’s there for a reason. ● Don’t type anything containing sexual themes, including emojis. ● Profanity or inappropriate content is not allowed your username or status. ● No harassing and threatening other players. Harassment, threats, bullying, and racism won’t be tolerated and are grounds for permanent ban. ● Don’t report someone unless they break the rules. ● Don't be excessively annoying. Impersonating a Player It is against our rules to change your avatar and username to appear like another player. This includes falsely claiming you are a developer/admin. Inactivity in Game You will be automatically banned for one hour each time you are inactive in a game. To avoid an inactivity ban, make sure to vote during the day or take your role action at night at least once during a game. Revealing Unreleased Content If you discover an unreleased avatar, role, or feature: do not share it with others. Advertising Do not advertise any service, brand, or product through the chat or your profile. Sharing Discord links is not allowed.
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