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Mafia Mystery is a spin on the classic party game of mafia. Every night when the Village goes to sleep, the Mafia murders their next victim. It is up to the Village to convict the correct suspects. Be careful though! Each trial ends in death. The Village wins only if they successfully identify each mafioso. Invite your friends for the fun!

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Unique Roles

Mafia Mystery has many elements that make it special, one of which is unique roles! With roles like Toaster, Interrogator, Creeper, and Deputy, Mafia Mystery sets itself apart with originality and creativity!

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Customizable Avatars

Join the Community

The Mafia Mystery community is a tight-knit one, with involvement and engagement taking place among its members on Discord, Reddit, and Instagram. Join us today!

Mafia Screens

Customizable Avatars

The core of Mafia gameplay is based on chatting with other villagers and gaining trust through persuasion. However, we know how much everyone loves customization! In addition to in-game, features, we put a large emphasis on graphics in an effort to make the game a more enjoyable and interactive experience!

Customizable Avatars

What are people saying?


“This game is easily my favorite for the amazing community, never-ending fun, and everlasting friendships.”


“The ultimate strategy game for everyone. Great game and community.”


“Mafia Mystery introduced me to my now longtime friends whom I would never have had an opportunity to meet otherwise.”