Villager Role

Wins if all mafia are dead. Sided with the village.


The Villager is the basic building block of the game and an important member of the Village for voting blocks and figuring out who the Mafia is. The Villager doesn’t have any role actions to complete at night, but that’s not a bad thing! The Villager can focus on the chat and try to figure out who is the most suspicious. The Villager votes every day unless arrested by the Deputy.

Common Strategies

Just because you don’t have a functional role doesn’t mean you can’t help your team figure out the Mafia. Every member of the Village is an investigator first. Don’t be apathetic if you’re a Villager!


The Villager cannot visit anyone, but can be visited by all visiting roles. They can also be framed, sniped, and crept (non-visits).