Traveler Role

Chooses one person to stay with each night and receives visits in the place of their host. Sided with the village.


The Traveler is passing through the Village in his van and decides to stay for a few days. The Traveler can travel to one person’s house every night, and becomes the recipient of whatever role actions were being performed on that person. He’s known for always keeping a guitar around and writes songs under the name Mob Barley.

Common Strategies

You can travel to the host night one because that may be where you’re most likely to survive. Always try to travel to confirmed people with more important roles (Cop/Doctor/Creeper) to save them. You may be sacrificing yourself but that could give the village the time it needs to determine the mafia and win the game. It’s very hard to kill the Traveler directly even if the Mafia knows who the Traveler is, because it’s rare to catch him at his van. He's usually away. If the Traveler takes someone’s toast, he should probably not travel the following night so the Doctor can more easily save him at his van. Otherwise, the Doctor and the Traveler would have to coordinate a visit to the same person for the Traveler to be saved, which may just be a guess, or it may give the Mafia too much information.


The Traveler absorbs the actions of all roles that visit the person the Traveler travels to. The Traveler can travel to anyone and absorb those actions, but the Traveler does die to Granny. If Role X visits the Granny and the Traveler visits Role X, Role X still dies to Granny because they died by going TO Granny. The Traveler would only absorb actions that happened TO Role X. The Traveler is a visiting role, so he is seen by the Creeper. The Traveler can be toasted, and does not visit anyone if toasted.