Robber Role

Has two attempts to steal an item. Can take a Sniper’s bullet, Bulletproof’s vest, or Gravedigger’s shovel, rendering it useless. Sided with the mafia.


The Robber is the mafioso who specializes in burglary. The Robber is stealthy and does not visit. He robs quietly. Two times per game, the Robber can choose someone to steal from. He can steal the Bulletproof’s vest, the Sniper’s bullet, or the Gravedigger’s shovel. Those roles will not recover their stolen items for the rest of the game. They will be notified that they were robbed the morning after the robbery.

Common Strategies

The Robber only gets two steal attempts, so he must use them wisely. If he attempts to steal and goes to someone’s house who isn’t the Bulletproof, Sniper, or Gravedigger, he comes up empty. The Robber steals early in the night when people have just gone to sleep, so if the Robber steals the Sniper's bullet and the Sniper tries to snipe the same night, the bullet will already be gone. If the Robber steals the Bulletproof's vest and the Mafia attacks the Bulletproof the same night, the BP will die because the vest is stolen before the Mafia attacks. If the Robber steals the Gravedigger's shovel the night the Gravedigger tries to revive, the Gravedigger will not be able to revive because the shovel will already be gone. With all this in mind, the Robber should try to calculate when the item is going to be used, but not attempt a steal so early that he risks trying to steal from a person who doesn’t have a stealable item, and not stealing anything.


The Robber is stealthy and does not visit, so he cannot be killed by the Granny or caught by the Creeper. If the Robber tries to rob someone and the Traveler visits the person, the Robber won’t be able to steal anything other than the Traveler’s guitar, which does nothing.