Maid Role

Visits one person each night and cleans up the body if they die, leaving their role and the cause of death a mystery. Sided with the mafia.


The Maid is an expert in cleaning hired by the Mafia to clean up their dirty work. The Maid visits someone who is being killed and prevents their role from being revealed in the Library. When the Maid cleans up a kill, she does not find out the dead person’s role. Their role is not revealed anywhere (unless interrogated). The role is never revealed, even after the Maid dies. The Maid has to visit the person dying to clean up their death. She cannot kill on her own.

Common Strategies

Confusion is the Mafia’s best friend. The Maid creates confusion, so she’s a big asset to the Mafia. It’s in the Maid’s best interest to clean up deaths of people whose roles weren’t already known. For example, if everyone knows who the Cop is because they’ve already been confirmed by voting a successful lead OR if everyone knows who the Bulletproof is because the Library says it, then cleaning up their death might not be helpful. In that case, you could clean up the person’s death who was toasted the previous night and hope the Toaster toasts the Doctor so the person isn’t saved. If they are saved, you risk being caught by Creeper but you could use that to your advantage and claim a visiting village role. At least you know you won’t hit Granny if you visit someone who was toasted. In games with Granny, you might not want to clean the first night as you risk two mafiosos dying to Granny, but you are really going to be taking that risk as long as the Granny is alive anyway, unless she is revealed. This is a reason that it may be better to clean the death of the toasted person, especially if the Doctor is already dead and can’t save them. In games with both Interrogator and Maid, you can kill, clean, and interrogate someone all in the same night, so the village won’t find out the dead person’s role but the mafia will know from the interrogation. The mafia can then use that information to know whom they don’t have to worry about (i.e. Creeper/Cop/Sniper), and also they can use it to claim a dead person’s role and there won’t be a counter-claim from the person who actually has that role (because they’re dead). You could interrogate, kill, and clean a role, and then have two members of the mafia counter-claim each other for that role later in the game. When one of them is executed by the village, the other will seem innocent because the mafia counter-claimed them. You can use this to gain a numbers advantage, and give the village a trusted leader who is actually part of the mafia. Two mafia members counter-claiming each other is a strategy in any game, but it may be especially effective in Maid games because the village may never know that the role they’re counter-claiming is already dead. Keep in mind that if you interrogate, kill, and clean the same person in the same night and that person turns out to be Granny, you’re going to lose 3 members of the mafia all at once, and probably give the village an insurmountable lead. The Maid can clean the death of a mafioso too. You could kill a mafioso on purpose and let them try to convince the Gravedigger to revive them (the Gravedigger can revive the mafia in Maid games). The Maid could also clean the death of a mafia member who gets sniped. However, you would have to predict them getting sniped which means the village already thought they were mafia, so this would be difficult to pull off. However, even if you aren’t trying to get the mafioso revived, you could cause confusion by creating a false illusion of how many people are still alive on each side.


The Maid can be killed by the Granny because the Maid is a visiting role. She has to go to the murder scene to clean up the death. She can also be seen by the Creeper. The Maid votes at day like everyone else unless arrested. She only cleans; she can’t kill, so if there are no killing mafia left, she won’t be able to do anything. The Maid can be discovered by the Cops.