Mad Scientist Role
Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist


The Mad Scientist is a Bill Nye wannabe who never made it as a chemist. Due to his lack of success in life, he grew resentful of others and vowed to get revenge on society. He settled into this chaotic village looking to wreak havoc on seemingly innocent people. After discovering that the village was already inhabited by a nefarious faction of mafiosos, he realized that it was the perfect place to carry out his crazy experiments. The Mad Scientist wins the game by having experimented on every remaining player in the game. The Mad Scientist is an independent role, meaning that he is part of his own faction. If the Mad Scientist wins, he is the sole winner of the game. Every living player has to have been experimented on for the Mad Scientist to win. The Mad Scientist can win posthumously, provided that the village arrives to a point in which everyone remaining has already been experimented on.

Common Strategies

The Mad Scientist’s goal is to experiment on every living player, so as the Mad Scientist, it would behoove you to experiment on those you expect to live the longest. If you expect a particular player to die anyway, it doesn’t make sense to target them for your experiment. The Mad Scientist doesn’t want to seem like an overly helpful member of the village, because the mafia will be more likely to target him. Likewise, he doesn’t want to seem like a mafioso and get voted out. The goal is to stay alive as long as possible because the more experiments you successfully conduct, the greater your chance of winning. If you are out of the game, you can no longer experiment on anyone. If there is a granny in the game, it makes sense to make her one of your last targets.


The Mad Scientist is a visiting role, so he is seen by the Creeper and dies to the Granny, but the Granny is still experimented on. He can be visited by anyone at night and it will not cause harm to the visitor. He appears innocent to the cops. If he experiments on someone and the traveler visits that person, the traveler will be experimented on instead. If he is toasted, he will not be able to experiment on anyone that night and he will need the doctor.