Interrogator Role

Interrogates one person each night and finds out their exact role. That person has no memory of the interrogation. Sided with the mafia.


The Interrogator visits someone nightly and discovers their exact role the next day by interrogating them, but the person has no recollection of being interrogated. The Interrogator is a former special agent who was hardened by the criminal justice system and now works for the bad guys instead.

Common Strategies

The Interrogator is a visiting role, so they are seen by Creeper. While this can be a problem, it can also be used to their advantage as they can claim a visiting village role like Cop or Doctor. The Doctor claim is especially effective if you visit yourself as Interrogator, although if you do this, you won’t gain any new information, but if it’s late in the game and you already know a lot of roles and you claimed Doctor, you can Interrogate yourself so the Creeper will see you visit yourself. The difference from the actual Doctor at that point though is that obviously if the Sniper is sniping a Doctor claim, you won’t actually be able to save yourself from it. The Interrogator is even more valuable in games with Maid, as she can find out the role of a person whose death was cleaned by the Maid by interrogating them the night they were killed and cleaned. See Maid. The Interrogator is one of the more expendable members of the Mafia, so she can help the Kamikaze or another member of the Mafia pull off a trick, and even if she exposes herself, it’s okay because she’s non-essential. The Interrogator can create a code with the Kamikaze and say it in the Town Hall at daytime. Then the Kamikaze can know whether they should blow that person up. For example, if the Interrogator finds the Gravedigger, they can send a code in the Town Hall and the Kamikaze will know to blow the Gravedigger.


The Interrogator is a visiting role, so she dies to Granny. She is also seen by Creeper. She goes into the person’s house and interrogates them. The Interrogator can be discovered by the Cops.