Gravedigger Role

Can talk to dead members at night. May choose one person to revive, but will die in their place. Sided with the village.


The Gravedigger (also known as GD) is a necromancer who can talk to the dead at night in the Graveyard. When he chooses to, the Gravedigger can revive a member of the Village any night, dying in their place. At first it seemed that his enthusiasm for graveyards was somewhat disturbing, but most of the village does end up over there eventually. Apparently he’s quite popular there! If the graveyard was MySpace, this guy would be Tom. Upon his own death, he asked for his gravestone to read “in remembrance of Steven” who we think was his…shovel?

Common Strategies

Ideally, the Gravedigger revives when they think they are about to be killed anyway, so that it’s a Net-0 for the Mafia (i.e. if the Mafia kills the Gravedigger, but the Gravedigger was already reviving, there are no fewer members of the Village left than there would have been anyway). The Gravedigger can revive as soon as there is a dead Village member to revive, but it’s usually best to wait for a role with an important night action (Doctor, Sniper, etc.). When the Cop dies, make sure you find out their partner so that a Mafioso can’t pretend to be the living cop. Find out who they are checking and what the check results have been so far. There’s no reason to let that information die with them. As GD, you don’t want to get blown up by the Kamikaze, so revealing with a live Kamikaze is a huge risk. Think twice before counter-claiming as GD – only do so if absolutely necessary. There can only be one Gravedigger in any game. Try to bait the Reg Maf to kill you the night you plan to revive, but be careful not to bait Toaster. If you are toasted but you plan to revive, you can say that you are toasted but don’t need Doc and maybe the Mafia will think you’re Bulletproof, but they may still want to kill you even thinking you’re BP, OR they may sense that you’re GD and retoast you which will either kill you if the Doctor doesn’t save you, or prevent you from reviving again if the Doctor DOES save you, and you’ll need saving again.


The Gravedigger cannot visit at night. There can only be one Gravedigger in any game. He can be toasted, which prevents him from reviving that night. The Gravedigger can still revive if sniped or killed by the Mafia on the night he revives.