Granny Role

Kills anyone who visits her in the night. Sided with the village.


The Granny kills everyone who visits her at night. The Granny comes out of the living room with a shotgun and shoots anytime she hears someone in the house, even if the person is innocent. She kills visiting members of both the Village and Mafia in a reckless massacre. Although she has paranoia problems, she bakes great cookies. If you could get into her house without getting shot (which you can’t), you’d have to try them. The Granny does not kill Framer, Creeper, or Sniper (they do not visit). The Granny can still be voted out during the day phase like anyone else, and she can also be blown up by the Kamikaze. She’s only dangerous at nighttime.

Common Strategies

Always reveal yourself once you’re targeted by the Mafia so the Cops don’t accidentally visit later in the game. Once the Mafia knows your role, it’s best for everyone else to know it as well. The Mafia tend to discuss their targets in the Mafia chat; the only people who are not privy to this information are your allies – this also confirms you and helps narrow down the Mafia for your allies. Try to make the Mafia want to target you without being obvious. This is called Granny baiting. You want to seem innocent so the Cops don’t check you early, and you want to seem valuable so the Mafia want to kill you. You have a chance to lead the Village as Granny because the Mafia can’t kill you at night no matter how badly they want to.


The Granny cannot visit anyone. They kill all visiting roles. Framer, Creeper, and Sniper are non-visiting roles so they do not die to Granny. The Granny can die to the Sniper, although the Sniper obviously does not want to kill the Granny. The Kamikaze can blow up the Granny. She is just like any other Village member during the day phase.