Godfather Role

A mafia that is undetectable by cops. Sided with the mafia.


The Godfather is a powerful member of the mafia as he cannot be found by the Cops. He appears innocent when investigated. The Godfather can kill someone every night, but it’s best to let regular Mafia do the killing if they are still alive. This is because the GF can be caught by the Creeper, and also because you risk hitting Granny and it is worse to lose GF than regular Mafia. Once the Godfather is dead, the Cops know that every investigation that comes up innocent is a member of the Village, which allows them to confirm innocent people quickly. This is bad for you as Mafia. The Godfather is a mob boss, a master of deception, and a smooth talker. He leaves no indication that he's guilty when the Cops show up.

Common Strategies

Keep in mind that you never know if the Cops have already checked you, so try not to claim Granny if you can help it. If the Cops checked you and didn’t die, they’ll know you aren’t Granny so you must be lying. Other mafia roles surely haven’t been checked yet or the Cops would have had a lead, so those roles are a better fit for Granny claims. Since you appear innocent when investigated, the Cops are probably going to be more inclined to believe your initial claim as long as you’re not super suspicious. Use this to your advantage. Remember that if you claim a role and convince the village to vote out the person who is actually that role, you’re going to be outed immediately. However, if it’s late enough in the game, that may not matter if this gives you the numbers. Don’t get too cocky in the chat and start admitting to being mafia unless you’re absolutely sure the game is over. You could still get sniped or hit BP/Granny if you’re not careful.


The Godfather is the only mafia member that cannot be found by the Cops. However, he can be caught by the Creeper. He can also be sniped by the Sniper or killed by the Granny. He cannot vote when arrested.