Doctor Role

Visits one person each night and protects them from dying that night. Sided with the village.


The Doctor chooses someone to save each night. That person will not die if they are killed the same night as the Doctor visits, or if they were toasted the previous night. The Doctor is a top-level medic, but is working alone and can only save one person per night. Some say he has a fear of dying and has been known to save himself more than others. What a guy, huh?

Common Strategies

It’s better to heal yourself night one than to risk running into Granny or getting targeted. Everyone wants to be a hero, but the smartest thing to do is usually self-heal so you don’t leave the Village without a Doctor moving forward or force the Gravedigger to revive the Doctor immediately. Remember – if there’s a live Toaster with no Doctor, two people will die every night unless the Mafia hits Bulletproof or Granny.


If the Doctor is toasted, they will not be able to save anyone that night. They can be killed by visiting the Granny and their visits are seen by the Creeper. The Doctor can save one person nightly, including themselves. If someone is killed twice in one night, it will require two Doctors to save them. To save someone from a Toaster, the Doctor needs to save them the night after they were toasted. If the Doctor saves someone the night that person visits the Granny, that person will be saved from the Granny.