Deputy Role

Meets with Cops and can arrest one person each night, keeping them from voting the next day. Sided with the village.


The Deputy works alongside their fellow Cops, although they work from a satellite police station on the south side of the Village. The Deputy communicates with the Cops in the Cop Chat at night. The Deputy arrests someone every night if they choose to, preventing that person from voting the following day. The Deputy also prevents Kamikaze from blowing up.

Common Strategies

It’s not always smart to arrest. The Deputy can win or lose the Village the game by arresting right or wrong. If it’s late in the game and numbers are tight, it may be in your best interest not to arrest unless you are sure you know a Mafia. Usually, you want to arrest the person the Cop investigates early in the game if there’s no Granny or if Granny is known, as targeting the same person as the Cop can lead to voting an arrested Kami. If you arrest a Kamikaze, they aren’t able to blow up the next day. The Deputy, when used correctly, can save the whole game by preventing a 50/50, but the Deputy can also lose the whole game by causing a 50/50 vote split, or costing the Village a chance at a 50/50 and giving the Mafia a voting majority late in the game. Arrest wisely.


The Deputy dies to Granny and is seen by the Creeper. They can be toasted, preventing them from arresting. The Deputy is often a good choice for the Gravedigger to revive late in the game.