Creeper Role

Watches one person each night and knows who visits them. Sided with the village.


The Creeper is the hero the Village deserves. The Creeper is a nosy neighbor who sits and watches one person’s house every night and sees everyone who visits. Since the Godfather cannot be discovered by Cops, Creeper is often more useful than Cop late in games when all the Mafia members are dead and only the Godfather is left.

Common Strategies

It’s usually more effective to creep confirmed members of the Village. You never know when you might be creeping an enemy! Just like the Cop, it’s smart to seem like Village or Bulletproof to the Mafia so they don’t have more of a reason to attack you early. If you have a creep lead but there’s also a trustworthy Cop lead, you may hold off on your creep lead until the night phase and let the Sniper snipe. However, if there are a lot of non-killing Mafia members left (Interrogator/Framer/Maid), and there’s a good chance the Cop lead is on one of them, share your creep lead as you have found Mafia or Toaster, which is even more crucial to get voted out. Also, if you have a creep lead, it’s definitely not on the Kami (as the Kami can’t visit), so that may be a better move than voting the Cop lead in that event. The Creeper can find out specific roles of other members of the Village. For example, it’s often smart to creep whoever was toasted the previous night so that you know who the Doctor is. This will confirm a member of the Village for you but it may also prevent someone from tricking you as you can prove that you know the Doctor (although outing the Doctor with a live Kamikaze is a risk).


The Creeper sees visits from the Mafia, Godfather, Toaster, Interrogator, Cop, Deputy, and Doctor. They do not see Sniper, as the Sniper snipes from far away. They do not see Framer, as the Framer does not visit. The Creeper cannot be seen by other Creepers, and the Creeper does not die to Granny, as the Creeper does not visit but watches from afar.