Cop Role

Visits one person each night and receives a report of their alignment (mafia or village). Sided with the village.


The Cop is the traditional leader of the Village as they obtain new information every night. The Cop investigates one person and receives intel as to whether that person is sided with the Village or Mafia. The Cop graduated from the top of their class at the police academy and has worked a lifetime to track down their nemesis, the Godfather.

Common Strategies

Pay attention to the chat. Who seems to be disappearing? Who is acting suspicious? Investigate suspicious people. Don’t investigate obvious members of the Village; that wastes a night and potentially costs your team the game. Say whom you’re investigating in the Cop Chat just so you don’t do something silly late in the game like re-investigate a confirmed innocent person. If you sense that you’re about to die, you can say who the other Cop is and who is confirmed inno at the very last second before the night phase ends. Don’t draw too much attention to yourself if you don’t have any information yet. Seeming like Villager or BP as long as possible is good if it prevents the Mafia from targeting you. If you die, tell the Gravedigger everything you know. There’s no reason to let that information die with you.


The Cop will die when investigating a Granny and cannot discover the identity of a Godfather. They receive false intel if they investigate a framed person. An investigation of the Fool will appear to be sided with the Village. The Cop can still get investigation results even when toasted if there are two cops and they both investigated. They work with the other Cops/Deputies at night and can communicate with them in Cop Chat.