Bulletproof Role

Has an extra life, unless executed by the village. Sided with the village.


Commonly known as the BP, the Bulletproof is equipped with a Kevlar vest that protects her from the first attack on her. She says that she would take a bullet for anyone, but the vest is really just for herself. The BP is an important member of the Village because she deprives the Mafia of a kill the night she's attacked, and her role is shown in the library when attacked so you know to trust her. Like the Villager, she focuses on the chat and tries to figure out who else is sided with the Village. She won’t need a Doctor as long as she still has her vest. It’s not possible to prevent the BP from losing her body armor, but it is possible to save her once her vest is gone.

Common Strategies

If you time it right, hinting that you’re a valuable member of the Village can help you bait the Mafia, but be careful not to get voted off by your own teammates by making them think you’re counter-claiming another role.


The Bulletproof cannot visit anyone, but she can be visited by all visiting roles. She can be framed, sniped, and crept (non-visits). She dies if the Mafia kills her the night after she was toasted (the toast de-vests her and then the Mafia attack kills her). A Doctor cannot save a vested Bulletproof and can only save her after the vest is gone. If a Kamikaze blows up a BP with her vest, the Bulletproof will lose her vest but not die.